Carla, Operations Assistant – Lithgow

One of the most recent additions to the team, Carla brings 3 years of industry experience and an infectious enthusiasm, which is shown through the great relationships Carla has already developed with the team and our customers!

Having recently moved from South Australia to the Central West, Carla is enjoying the local region and loves to spend time with her partner and her partner’s son whilst immersing themselves in the local culture.

Fun facts

Let’s start with your name and your first ever car?

Carla Rodgers. My first ever car was an AE82 Corolla

What is your everyday driver?

BP Subaru Outback

What does a typical day look like for you?

Early starts with unloading our incoming stock, then straight onto deliveries for me! When possible I love to get into the machine room and work on the rotors and flywheels for our customers.

What kind of problems do you deal with?

Making sure orders are picked correctly, sent to the correct customer and quick!

How does Auto Parts Central differ from its competitors?

I think our service and backing of an experienced team is our draw card for sure!

What is your all time favourite race around Mount Panorama?

I’ve just recently moved here from SA, so no favourite race… YET!

If you had $250,000 what car would you buy?

Easy – Corvette C8