Importance of Checking your Brake Pads

Importance of Checking Your Brakes

Not only are the appropriate inspections of your brake pads crucial for your vehicle’s performance and longevity, but they are also important for your safety as a driver or passenger of a vehicle.

Remember, brake pads are what slow down and stop your vehicle. If they’re not working properly, the consequences can be fatal.

Is there a specific time to check your brakes?

There is no definite schedule for changing your vehicle’s brake pads. Therefore, to determine the amount of deterioration, you should check them regularly. How and where you drive your vehicle determines the brake pads’ wear and tear. For example, if you drive in predominantly urban areas, your pads may wear faster compared to someone who drives on predominantly rural roads; that’s a result of the frequent stopping and starting in congested areas.

It would be wise to get your brakes checked about every six months – every time your vehicle gets serviced. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our qualified automotive technicians here at Auto Parts Central to better understand what’s best for your specific vehicle.

Signals that your brake pads may need to be replaced

Brake dust

Brake dust accumulation on your wheels is usually a sign of normal wear. If you notice that there is less brake dust accumulating on your wheels, that could be a sign that your pads may need to be replaced.

Feel your steering wheel and brake pedal

If you can feel a vibration in the brake pedal or the steering wheel whilst braking, this could be a sign of brake pad issues.

Keep watch over your vehicle’s pads

In many cars, you can see through the wheel to check your brake pads. If they look especially thin – less than ¼ inch – they likely need replacing.

Listen to your vehicle’s brakes

Most vehicles’ pads are designed to produce a scraping sound as an early warning, indicating that replacement is required.

Consult a qualified automotive technician

Brake pads are a very important component of every vehicle that has them. Therefore, they should be appropriately maintained. If you are ever unsure, contact your local mechanic or our team here at Auto Parts Central for advice.

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