Notable 4×4 tracks around Bathurst & Lithgow

Notable 4×4 tracks around Bathurst & Lithgow

Bathurst & Lithgow are well known for the mining and racing and are home to some of the worlds most iconic V8 Supercars. Today it’s a well-travelled hotspot for locals and tourists who are seeking to engage in the first-class food and wine scene and visit the many icons of the colonial period. Today we will discuss some of the most notable tracks around the Bathurst and Lithgow area!



Can you think of a better way to see one of the most renowned tracks in the world other than a quick lap around Mount Panorama, One of the most unique elements of the course is that you can actually drive on it yourself. It so has a lovely spot to grab a bite to eat if you are feely peckish!


Bridle Track is a hidden gem located in Hill End, The Bridle Track runs from Duramana, northwest of Bathurst, to the old mining town of Hill End and is loved by all for its unique challenges it presents drivers! Bridle Track is a 60km long journey through beautiful picturesque grasslands through to traditional mud tracks and is a must see for an 4WD enthusiast!


Every 4WD enthusiast loves a good Marshy swamplands to conquer and for the brave Long swamp is sure not to disappoint, Located in the Ben Bullen State Forest near Lithgow
The Swamp is sure to reward those who brave its course with some magnificent views of the National Park. It is recommended to do you research before braving Long Swamp to ensure you and your vehicle is up for the challenge!


On a sunny Sunday morning their is no better place to be than in Capertee Valley, Surround yourself and your vehicle in beautiful sandstone escarpments and take a drive down to the Glen Davis Ruins and hey if you are really feeling adventures their even is tours available on certain days! This route is a must see while not a technically challenging drive it is one you are sure to remember !


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