5 Simple car care tips

5 Simple car care tips

To take proper care of your car, you do not need to be an automotive expert, but you do need to be vigilant and cautious. Below you will find some quick car care tips to ensure your car stays in great condition!


1. Drive responsibly!!

When you are on the road one of the best things you can do to look after your vehicle is to drive safely. Hazardous or reckless driving can lead to expensive collisions that could damage your vehicle; not to mention the risks to yourself and other motorists. Respect the driving laws, bear in mind the regional traffic regulations, and don’t drive on open streets too harshly.

2. Keep your car clean!

Proper car care can literally make you money! Keeping your vehicle clean and shielding it from corrosion will prolong its lifespan. Most new vehicles have a unibody design, which implies that the structural integrity of the car is determined by the condition of the body. It can have an influence on the integrity of the car if the body is overlooked. Wash your car frequently, keep it in an enclosed area, and repair any damage to your body as fast as possible! Keeping the interior tidy will help maintain the resale value of the vehicle when it comes to time to sell it also!

3. Monitor your levels!

Fluid levels are quick and vital to keep a close eye on, as they allow your vehicle to run smoothly. Oil is the main fluid to keep tabs on. By taking out the dipstick, cleaning off the extra fluid, slipping it back in and examining the amount left on the stick when removed, you can monitor your oil in seconds. Your car’s owner’s manual can assist you in checking all your fluid levels, as well as providing some other car care tips.

4. Check your tyres

When buying a new set of tyres it is always worth getting the best as they are the element of the car that keeps you firmly on the road. Always ensure you are checking the tread depth of the tyre as it can go down in a flash! It is also vital to keep your air pressure topped up in your tyres, often times people make the mistake of letting this drop-down low and then are shocked to find out they are not only a risk to other road users but also are burning more fuel!

If you do notice any issues with your tyres be sure to get them checked otherwise you may cost yourself more in the long run.

5. Don’t ignore engine lights

Never ignore engine lights on your dashboard they are there for your own safety and will tell you when something is amiss within your vehicle. If you are ever confused by the engine lights and what they mean, ask a professional or refer to the manual that came with your car.


The team at Auto Parts Central are here to help you ensure you use the right parts and consumables to ensure your car care is top-notch!

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