The top questions to ask your auto parts store

Selling quality car parts stems from the quality of the products and this leads to a great reputation of an auto parts business. There are some top questions you should have in mind when it comes to dealing with any auto parts store to determine whether they are best suited for you. These questions will give you a great outlook on whether they are reliable and can service your needs.

How quickly can you process orders?

Now this is a question that is always at the top of the ranks when it comes to ordering from any business, the same goes for auto parts stores. A simple question that an automotive parts supplier will expect, and if they give you a detailed and honest response, you are well on your way to making business. Depending on the particular part or parts you’re after will depict the time in which it will come once an order has been processed. They can be refurbished or manufactured from scratch but either being the case, make sure they don’t keep customers waiting too long.

Do parts and orders come with guarantees or warranties?

A natural state of mind from customers as they look to protect themselves when dealing with products that are in bulk orders or quite costly. A goal for any business is to limit any operation going wrong, but it’s something that can always happen. Quite clearly, customers want to know what you will do for them in the event that something goes wrong and how they can be compensated if need be. Always ask your auto parts supplier this and take note of the guarantees and warranties they offer and compare them with other potential stores.

What is the difference between aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts?

Aftermarket parts are parts that are designed by non-manufacturer companies and when you use these it is important to check the compatibility in reference to your car (don’t worry, we will help you with this part). These parts should be considered with your car and any leases or warranties you have with your vehicle, but you should know that some aftermarket parts (such as oil filters) will not void warranty.  Aftermarket parts could be different from the specifications of your vehicle and your dealership or manufacturer. 

On the other hand, OEM parts are parts that are made by the manufacturer of the particular type of vehicle. These parts are designed specifically for the manufacturers of the makes and models they offer. An example would be Mazda designing and manufacturing parts for Mazda vehicles.

Can I purchase used parts for my vehicle?

The simple technical answer is yes it can be done, however it is generally not recommended. For the longevity of your vehicle, buying used car parts can become a costly investment, despite it being a cheaper option at the time. They have a history of wear and tear which will lead to wearing out faster and having to purchase a new part anyway, costing you extra time and money. If you’re looking to buy and refurbish, or refurbish an existing part, Auto Parts Central can help organise this – so always look to ask this question when deciding on used parts for your vehicle.

There are multiple questions you can ask an auto parts store relating to your business or personal needs but having these top few in the bank will make sure you are well on your way to finding a trusted supplier.

The team at Auto Parts Central are always welcoming to any questions you may have as we are the most trusted supplier in the Central West. 

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