Wayne, Operations Assistant – Lithgow

One of our more recent additions to the team – meet Wayne! Bringing 58 years’ experience of trying to appear as a somewhat capable fisherman, every time Wayne arrives at work we can certainly feel it! Every week, Wayne brings with him to work a sense of level-headedness and a genuine joy for life – something which becomes infused in everyone he interacts with.

Although he hasn’t been with us for long, Wayne has already begun to foster real friendships with his co-workers and our customers – something that wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has met him.

In his spare time, Wayne helps run events for people “like Aden” at Mount Panorama – working with the Bathurst Light Car Club, Wayne plays a crucial role in getting motorsport events together throughout the year for the BLCC members. He also spends much of his time refining his skills behind the rod & the reel, or spending time with family and friends.

Fun facts

Let’s Start with your name and your first ever car?

Wayne Bowden – first car was a 1963 EJ Holden sedan

What is your everyday driver?

Honda Jazz

Tell me about a typical day as a Spare Parts Interpreter?

Normally I get out of bed, get to work, and drive.

What kind of problems do you deal with?

I don’t have problems – I embrace the country lifestyle.

How does Auto Parts Central differ from its competitors?

The nice people (like me) that they employ

What is your all time favourite race around Mount Panorama?

The 1977 Moffat/Bond 1-2, although I was really damn annoyed after that win!

If you had $250,000 what car would you buy?

Something in the Audi range