APC now accepts ZIP PAY

The next generation of payments

Auto Parts Central is locally owned and operated and is employing more local staff, many of whom are qualified automotive technicians, & while  increasing the stock spectrum to offer a complete range of spare parts for all types of vehicles, servicing both retail customers & tradesman alike.

Over recent years Zip Pay has become a massive success in the payment space with more than two million Zip Pay users nationwide making more than $2 billion worth of in-store based transactions since 2013.

Auto Parts Central is proud to now join more than 20,000 national product and service providers nationwide who accept this popular method of payment which enables customers to repay their set spending amounts interest-free on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Zip Pay users have the convenience of a tap and pay credit card without the card itself, using their mobile phone to make their payment and instantly enjoy the use of their products purchased.

The Zip Pay facility always allows its users to sync their Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts for purchases at store checkout.



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